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Jordan 6 Gatorade Release | Sneaker Match Shirts

We have learned that Jordan brand has decided to postpone the Jordan gatorade release until December. Yes, we will have to wait until decemeber to get our hands on the anticipated color way.

Our suspicion is that they want to end the year with a bang. December will have many hot releases and will be on many christmas lists. 

Expect the Jordan 6 gatorade to also release in a limited green color way. Both will be a definite must have.

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Anthony Lloyd#1

Need to return order number 45340 for a 3x Jordan 6 like Mike greatness bomber 2x green

Nicole #2

Will the satin Jordan bomber jacket restock??


I need the jordan like Mike greatness bomber in size 4xl been waiting for the restock

Help me please

Nicholas #4

When will you guys have a restock ton the Gatorade green bombers Jacket size 4xl please I hope they restock thanks


Is the green polyester greatness jack shiny like the first 2 pics or is it like the 3rd pic